Aims & Objectives
  1. To Improve the Quality of Medical Education in Goa Medical College.
  2. To conduct CME programmes, Seminars, Workshops, Updates and Conferences.
  3. To impart Training in Medical Education Technology to the Medical Teachers of Goa Medical College.
  4. To promote Research Activities and Other Studies.
  5. To conduct Operative Workshops, Bed side Clinics, Slide Seminars and Other Teaching sessions.
  6. To obtain Feedback on Teaching Facilities in Goa Medical College.
  7. To improve the Teaching Facilities in Goa Medical College.
  8. To bring out Compact Disk of the Academic meetings and CME programmes organised in Goa Medical College.
  9. To organise Programmes on Communication Skills, Medical Ethics, Doctor -Patient Relationship, Medico Legal issues etc.
  10. To improve the Diagnostic, Clinical, Surgical, Research, Teaching and Academic Activities in GMC.
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